Thursday, December 29, 2011

TMHPR Saving Harry

Harry is a lucky dog that we saved from the Dallas shelter on Christmas. He was scared and injured but has warmed up quickly since arriving at his foster home. Harry is about a year old, 47 lbs and is very mellow and affectionate. Please email for adoption info. Donations are always appreciated and can be made via this razoo link, we are a 501c3 and will send you a tax receipt, thanks!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

TMHPR 2011 Year In Review

Please include Take Me Home Pet Rescue in your end of year giving plans. We are a 501c3 and will send you a tax receipt. We took in over 250 homeless pets in 2011, so couldn't fit them all in the video but this is a look back at some of this year's rescues. Thank you for your ongoing support!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Update on Maya, Leonard & Sheldon

Sheldon's ready for his first Christmas
On Dec 9, 2011, we received a plea for help for a homeless momma dog that had recently given birth to puppies in an industrial area of Dallas. The temps were in the 30s so JP and I went out to rescue them as soon as possible.

Around 8pm, we found a stairwell covered in blankets. JP carefully sifted through them and then found the mom tucked up against the wall. She had somewhat dug herself into the ground to try to keep her babies and herself warm.

Normally a dog's "flight" response kicks in but she just froze. She was trembling, probably from cold and fear. JP carefully slipped the leash over her head and we were able to take Momma and her 2 babies home.

We've named the momma dog Maya. She is absolutely beautiful and has such soulful eyes. We named the puppies Leonard & Sheldon, they are fat and happy!  And yes, they are named after our favorite characters in the tv show The Big Bang Theory!

Maya is starting to settle in and now wags her tail when JP goes in to check on them.  Poor Maya had probably never known a day of love up until now.  If you've never fostered a former street dog, we highly recommend you add it to your "bucket list."  It is one of the most rewarding things you can do.  You get to show them that there are nice people in this world.  You get to be the first to take them in as a family member and show them love.  You get to watch them blossom as they get comfortable with you and their new surroundings.  Then the bittersweet moment will come when the loving family they deserved all along adopts them and you know that you helped prepare them for that moment and the dog is going on to live a wonderful life because of your selflessness.

Momma Maya
Maya is heartworm positive. Treatment to get her healthy again costs hundreds of dollars so we're hoping you will donate towards the care of this little family via this razoo link: 

We are a 501c3 and will send you a tax receipt. Thank you for your ongoing support. Because of your help Maya, Leonard and Sheldon are now warm, fed, safe and on their way to a much better life!

A special thank you to JP for fostering the little family and providing this terrific pictures, soooo cute! 

TMHPR Available Pets Dec 2011

Here's a little video of our pets that are looking for loving homes! Email for adoption info. Donations always greatly appreciated and can be made via this razoo link, thanks!

Monday, December 19, 2011

TMHPR Cricket Christmas 2011

Cricket is a wonderful dog who is hoping to find a loving family of her own! She's 2 years old, 40 lbs and LOVES people! She is very happy-go-lucky and loves to play with her toys and cuddle on the couch. She will make a great addition to a lucky family!

You've Made A Difference in 2011

As 2011 comes to a close, Take Me Home Pet Rescue would like to thank you for your ongoing support.  We have saved so many lives this year because of you! Many came to us scared, heartbroken, sick or injured and because of your donations they are now healthy, happy and living in loving forever homes!

Please DONATE via this razoo link so we can continue our work and save more lives!

Cinnamon was found as a stray and was heartworm positive, he received lifesaving treatment and is now in a loving home

Sydney was hit by a car and then ended up on death row at a shelter with a broken pelvis and nerve damage to his bladder. He has now made a full recovery and has been adopted by a wonderful family!

Maya and her newborn pups were rescued from the streets of Dallas on Dec 9. She is heartworm positive and it costs hundreds of dollars to treat and get her healthy again, please donate.

Please help us save more dogs and cats by getting in one more donation before the end of the year.  We are a 501c3 and will send you a tax receipt.  Everyone that has donated from Aug 1 through Dec 31 will be entered in our end of the year raffle.  Prizes include a roundtrip flight on Southwest Airlines (valued at $400), a $100 gift card to Coach and more. 

Please DONATE to the care of Maya and her puppies via this razoo link:

Recently we have taken in numerous homeless dogs and cats with treatable illnesses such as Upper Respiratory Infection (a doggy/kitty cold), Ringworm and Heartworm.  We are an all volunteer based group and your money goes directly to the care of these animals.

Please DONATE via this razoo link:

Thank you again for helping TMHPR save hundreds of lives, you have truly made a difference in 2011 and we can't wait to save even more in 2012! 

We wish you and your family a happy holiday season!

Cricket's Christmas Wish

Cricket was rescued from an abandoned house, along with her eight young puppies.  A night security guard at a local stripmall noticed her coming out at night to scavange for food.  He befriended her and we actually tried getting to her before she had the pups but were too late so then we had the daunting task of trying to find them.  Miraculously she raised them all on her own for 3 weeks before we found them hidden in the floorboards of a nearby abandoned house.  All of the puppies survived and have now been adopted.  Now it's Cricket's turn to find a loving home of her own! 

Cricket is a very happy-go-lucky dog who absolutely adores people!  She loves to go on walks, play fetch, play with her toys and her favorite thing of all is cuddling on the couch.  She's about 2 yrs old, 40 lbs, is housetrained and knows basic commands and has good house manners.

Since she spent the first part of her life all on her own without anyone loving on her, we've noticed she prefers to get all the attention herself instead of sharing the limelight with other pets so will do best as an only dog.  Please share Cricket's video with your friends so we can find her the loving home she deserved all along!  Please email for adoption info, thanks!

 Cricket's Video:

Monday, December 5, 2011

Ten dogs saved from one Oak Cliff neighborhood

We are thrilled to report that 10 homeless dogs are no longer living on the streets of Oak Cliff!  In August, Karla Kirk contacted JP Bonnelly regarding a stray dog that had recently given birth to puppies.  They survived weeks in the 100 degree weather.  The two puppies, now named Daisy & Devin were the first of the ten to be rescued.  They are available for adoption through TMHPR.
Daisy at about 6 weeks old
Devin at about 6 weeks old
Next in line was their mom.  The neighborhood folks that had been feeding the dogs nicknamed them "Boy" and "Girl."  JP, Pat and Karla were able to catch the momma dog using a trap.  Our friends at the Humane Society of Flower Mound had a foster home so they took her into their group.  She actually ended up also being named Daisy.

"Boy" and "Girl" hanging out in their crappy neighborhood
"Girl" (notice all the garbage stacked up behind her)

"Girl" right after she was caught

We often found "Boy" hanging out at the car wash trying to cool off
When "Girl" was caught that spooked "Boy" so we had to wait and try to get him another day.  He spent a lot of time at the car wash as the guys there fed him and he liked to cool off in the bays.  JP tried using the trap again but "Boy" came by and peed on it so I guess he told us what he thought of that idea after we had taken his family away!

He proved to be a very elusive dog!  We tried trapping him in one of the car wash bays by using makeshift fences and netting but he was too quick and we tried all sorts of other ideas too.  I can't even tell you how many times JP, Pat, Yvonne and myself went to that awful neighborhood to try and catch Boy, it was several times per week for months on end.  Of course Boy wasn't the only stray dog in the area.  JP and TMHPR get a lot of requests to rescue stray dogs.  We would love to save them all but before we go and get them our agreement is we have to have a place lined up for them to go.  The family fostering Girl/Daisy was also willing to foster Boy so that's why we were so determined to catch him.

So he kept luring us out there and it was so sad to see all the stray dogs so we started picking them up one at a time and squeezing them into our homes even though we already had full houses. 

The first "extra" stow-a-way was a cute little brown dog that we named Callie.  She was part of a pack of brown dogs we'd seen hanging around and on Aug 18th we noticed her hanging out with a little scruffy chi.  They were near a busy street (Jefferson) and it was dark out and we were worried they'd get hit by a car.  JP had just gotten a new tool for our street dog rescues-a giant butterfly net!  So we started luring the dogs over by throwing them pieces of chicken and as they started to trust us we set the net down on the ground.  Then we dropped some pieces of chicken on the net and when Callie stepped on it JP scooped her up!  The surprising thing about Callie is she was spayed and microchipped which is unheard of in these types of neighborhoods.  We fulfilled our legal obligation and called the owners and they didn't even know she was missing!  Fortunately they did not want her back, whew!

Callie is now living with a wonderful family in Lewisville
The next one was another from the pack of brown dogs.  On Sept 10th, she was just laying along the side of the road and looked like a puppy so I told JP and Pat that I was going to try and get her and they were like "yeah, ok."  You see most of the time these dogs are very skittish and hard to catch, they don't realize we're there to help.  So I got lucky as she came right up to me so I just picked her up and got in the car, I think they were surprised at how fast it happened!  Hazel has now been adopted by a wonderful family.

Hazel was rescued on Sept 10

The sad part though was that the rest of the brown dogs were also right there and they're all friendly and came right up to be petted.  One looked to be the mom and the other two looked to be her puppies who were probably about 6 months old at the time.  We hated leaving them behind but couldn't take 4 dogs at once when we didn't have fosters lined up.  We'll go back for them if we find fosters.

Momma dog and her 2 pups
On Sept 21, JP and I were back at the car wash looking for Boy when a cute little big-eared puppy walked right up to him.  She must know a nice person when she sees one so he scooped her up and took her home.  We think she's probably related to the other brown dogs so she's the lucky one.  We named her Ripley and she hit the jackpot with the Young family!

Ripley, right after she convinced JP to take her home
Ripley made herself right at home!
Love her ears!
So just when you think it can't get any cuter, on Oct 5th, JP found an adorable little puppy sitting all by herself on the street corner.  It was dark out so we're so glad he somehow spotted her as she is one of the best puppies we've ever had come through TMHPR.  She was about 8 weeks old at the time.  We named the fluffball Little Orphan Annie and the good news is she just found her forever home!
November 2nd turned out to be the big day...JP had been tracking Boy and discovered that he liked to hang out at a nearby shop.  He talked to the guy that owned the place and found out he had also been feeding Boy so they were finally able to lure the dog into the shop.  Once they shut the door, JP was able to corner him and loop him, woo-hoo!  In the weeks leading up to the capture we had noticed Boy was hanging out with a black dog.  So as JP was leaving with Boy, the other dog jumped in his lap as if to say "hey, please don't leave me behind-take me with you!"  So the black dog came home too!  He was named Binks after the Star Wars character and he moved in with his new family just 3 days after going home with JP!
Boy-right after he was caught
Boy, now named Zeus
So just when we thought that was the end of our time in Oak Cliff we were able to save one more...the guy who owned the shop showed JP another scruffy little brown dog that was hanging around. 

So we welcomed her into the TMHPR family!  She was heartworm positive and is currently underdoing treatment.  Her loving foster family has named her Penny and they just rave about her!

So there you have it, ten dogs are no longer worrying about where their next meal will come from or trying to find shelter from the extreme heat, rain or cold.  All of the dogs are now in loving foster or forever homes!  The Humane Society of Flower Mound took Boy and Girl.  The other eight are TMHPR dogs. 

Two were male and the other eight were female.  Had we not intervened, each of the female dogs had the potential to produce two litters each year, well since Callie was spayed that would have left a possibility of 14 litters each year!  Those that survived puppyhood would have lived sad, short, desperate lives on the streets or they'd end up at the full animal shelter where less than 30% of the dogs entering make it out alive.  We hope that helps people further understand the importance of spay/neuter!

We love saving the street dogs and are so grateful for your ongoing support.  We've made goal for our 2011 street dog campaign but more donations are always greatly appreciated and will help us in 2012.  Please donate via this razoo link, we are a 501c3 and will send you a tax receipt, thanks!

We are shocked that no one has adopted Daisy or Devin yet!  They're now about 5 months old and are in a foster home with kids and another dog.  They are wonderful pups!  Penny will be available for adoption after she completes heartworm treatment.  For info on adopting Daisy, Devin or Penny please email  We do adoptions in the DFW area.  For info on fostering, please email  Thanks!

Daisy and Devin would love to find homes before Christmas!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ebby is available for adoption!

Meet Ebby, a sweet six month old little girl who was found along a country road. Sadly her sibling had been killed and she refused to leave his side, just heartbreaking! Fortunately, a good samaritan was able to rescue her and little Ebby is now safe and part of TMHPR. Please email for adoption info, thanks!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Charlotte is available for adoption!

This great pup was rescued from a local shelter the day she was going to be put down for being "too shy." Please email for adoption info. She is a playful, curious, fun-loving pup!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Right Place at the Right Time

This pic was taken right after they gave her to us
Today I stopped by the Dallas shelter to check on a stray dog that a friend found on the way to work the other day.  She's already fostering a mom with eight, three-week old puppies so couldn't risk bringing home another dog so was sadly out of options so had to bring the dog there for now.  We're working on getting a foster so we can get him out once his stray hold is up.

So anyways, as we were pulling up we saw a couple walking into the shelter with a cute heeler pup in tow.  As they opened the door to go in the pup put on the brakes and sat down and it was heartbreaking to watch them tug her leash and pull her inside.  She definitely seemed to know what was happening to her. They had even brought along her favorite stuffed animal and a bone for her to chew on so it was obvious that she meant a lot to them. 

Last spring I fostered a stray dog named Norah and her nine puppies. Norah's puppy Kinsey looks identical to this poor pup that was being surrendered so I had to check out the situation.  We learned that the family has 3 young kids, including twin 4 yr old boys and they're living in apt and it sounds like it was just a bit too much.  It sounds like the kids played kind of rough with the pup so we'll work on re-introducing her to kids where she'll have positive interactions with them.  The family got the dog when she was 8 weeks old, she's now 16 weeks. 

They definitely love her, the guy cried as he told me that they felt so bad giving her up and it was a tearful goodbye as he hugged and kissed the pup for the last time.  As they drove away she tried going after them, it was very heartbreaking but I assured them we'd take her in and make sure she finds a really great home.  They probably had no idea that less than 30% of the pets entering that shelter make it out alive.  We were definitely in the right place at the right time and are very thankful that this little pup is now safe and part of the TMHPR family.

As soon as we got in the car she was wanting to sit in my lap so she definitely warmed up quickly!  I've named her Kenzie as she reminds me so much of Kinsey, she is absolutely adorable and is very sweet and well-mannered.  She got a clean bill of health at the vet today and will be spayed on Nov 28 and then she'll be ready for adoption so please email to request an application, thanks!


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Pet Pics with Santa

We hope you'll bring your pet to get their picture taken with Santa on Dec 10 at Kindness Small Animal Hospital from 1-4pm, 7602 N. Jupiter Road, Ste 109, Garland.  We're very thankful to KSAH for putting on this fundraiser! Santa pics are $10 and proceeds benefit Take Me Home Pet Rescue, thanks!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

New Arrivals

We've been keeping very busy and have recently taken in quite a few new dogs!  Unfortunately our website is acting up a bit so that's why we're going to provide a quick rundown of the new dogs on our blog instead.  For the latest updates be sure to check out our facebook page:

Marley is a handsome, 60 lb dog that we saved from a local shelter 30 minutes before he was scheduled to be euthanized.  Sadly he got lost, the shelter notified his owner that he was there but the owner never came to get him.  Well, it's his loss and Marley's gain as now he's on his way to a much better life and we will make sure he finds an outstanding family that will love and cherish him.  He's about 3 yrs old.  Marley is housetrained, great with other dogs and is very friendly and loving.

Charlotte was another lucky pup that was saved the day she was going to be killed at a local shelter for being "too shy."  Well a shelter can be a very scary place so we are thrilled we found a loving foster family that stepped up to save this precious pup.  As of Nov 20, Charlotte is about 7 months old and weighs 33 lbs.  She will be ready for adoption at the beginning of December so email to request your application.  She's a very sweet, curious, playful pup!

Buddy is a handsome lab/boxer mix. He goes to daycare several times per week and loves to play with the other dogs! He's housetrained and knows basic commands too!

Danny was rescued from a local shelter after he ended up on the euthanasia list because of a broken leg. Thanks to the support of donors, we were able to take Danny in and pay for his surgery to fix his leg.  He is recovering  nicely and is happy to be in a loving foster home.  For info on adopting or fostering, please email  We do adoptions in the DFW area, thanks!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Meet Olive, the littlest black dog...

The wonderful Dallas shelter staff and volunteers posted pictures and video of this dog that was in urgent need of rescue on Nov 9, at the time she only weighed 10.4 pounds and you could see every bone in her body. On Nov 10th we found a foster so welcomed this severely emaciated dog, Olive, into Take Me Home Pet Rescue! She will live in a loving foster home where she will receive tons of TLC.

She will also have top notch veterinary care from the folks at Breckinridge Park Animal Hospital. Once she recovers and gains weight and is healthy we will place her up for adoption in the Dallas, TX area.  Please donate towards the care of Olive and others like her via this razoo link, we are a 501c3 and will send you a tax receipt. Thanks for your support! Olive's video at the shelter:

Olive is anemic and also has a bad care of worms so she's being treated for those things.  We're also feeding her special food from the vet and her awesome foster mom Jenny has been cooking a lot of chicken and rice (Olive's favorite foods)!

Olive getting some love at the shelter

On Nov 11, Olive moved in with her loving foster mom Jenny and is fitting right in with her other dogs and is enjoying being spoiled rotten.  The best part is Olive even has her own facebook page so we hope you'll join it so you can follow the progress of this remarkable little dog who has captured the heart of everyone that's met her or even heard her story!  Link to Olive's fb page:!/pages/Olive-the-littlest-black-dog/180920725330071

Olive even went to work with Jenny on Friday, she was a big hit with the co-workers!

Updates from Jenny:
Olive day 1. Not sure where to begin. This is the most beautiful, fragile, gentle creature. She is weak. Walking better than in the original video, but tires quickly. Her appetite is good naturally. The pictures of her are frightening, but I wasn't prepared for how horrifying she is to the touch. Every rib, every bone, even her tail, you can feel every bit of cartilage. I'm carrying her most of the time it seems. She came to work with me today and boy was she the most popular girl in the building. She loved everyone she met. And everyone loved her too. A handful of people cried when they saw her. Literally cried. Poor Jackie cried for about 45 minutes. She loves her new bed and her new "jacket" for warmth, and padding more importantly. We had a successful meeting with the rest of the family this afternoon. Everyone sensed her fragility and after sniffs, they gave her space. Smart dogs. Tonight after dinner, we curl up on the sofa by the fire and hunker down and cuddle. Miss Olive had a big day, I think she's worn out. Tonight with a full belly, safe and warm she will dream happy puppy things. And tomorrow...another day closer to full health and a wonderful life.
Meeting her foster siblings
Field trip to Petco
 Olive day 2...2pm. Vet called this morning and she has hookworms. She's also anemic. Doc says this is contributing to the weakness. But we got the pills this morning and the worms will soon be gone. She can go down the stairs but not up. She tries however. She is a SLOPPY drinker. Water everywhere. She also talks. Very funny. A few accidents in the house cause she doesn't know how to tell me she has to go out. Just easily stopped one, she'll learn. Follows me everywhere, motors around all the dogs, then climbs back into her bed when she peters out. Falling in love fast, but keeping my "foster" head on so I can help another one day. Yep, that's what I keep telling myself...oy.
From Mom...5:20am. Third time we've been up tonight. Why? Because someone wanted to cuddle, someone wanted to talk to the weird dog (cat), someone had to do their biz, and someone wanted a snack. I'm gonna be useless today, but there's a very happy little black dog who is starting to resemble a real puppy.

Olive Day 3...From Mom...The little black dog is doing really well. She's eating like a champ. Chicken and rice mixed with wet and dry food from the vet and a little water are not making anything worse. And have mercy, she loves her chicken! She's motoring around the yard and has navigated the deck pretty well. She's had a very busy day at the park, and visiting with Shannon. She's currently lounging in her squishy bed...looks like she's contemplating a nap. She never lets me out of her sight and follows me everywhere, constantly under foot. No accidents in the house today. If it's possible, she gets sweeter every minute. And her personality is starting to come to light. This is an amazing little dog, with an amazing little spirit.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Garland Police Rescue 2 dogs Found Tied in a Creek Bed

While looking for suspects in a creek in Garland, a few Garland Police Officers came across the two dogs bound up on a piece of rebar.  The officers knew that the dogs would starve, or drown in the next rain, if they didn’t get them out so they jumped into action. 

All of the ropes in the picture were tied to the little female Chihuahua and the male scruffy puppy was tethered to the pink and red leashes and they were all tangled up around the rebar sticking up from a piece of concrete in the creek.  You can see this in the photo.  It appears that they were tied together when they escaped, and then one went under the rebar and one went over and they got stuck.  They were several feet from the creek, so it doesn’t appear someone tried to drown them.  There were a couple piles of waste near the dogs, as if they had been tangled there for awhile.
This picture was taken right before they were freed!

We are very thankful the Garland Police stopped to rescue these two lucky pups on October 19th.  The puppy is only about 8 weeks old and can brag to his friends that he's already ridden in a squad car!  Both dogs are now safe in the care of a loving foster home and will be available for adoption through TMHPR.  Please email for adoption info, thanks!

Friday, October 14, 2011

A ton of TMHPR activities on Oct 15!

Norah will be at Lee Harvey's!

On Saturday, Oct 15 we have all sorts of activities for you to stop by and check out!

We will have several of our available dogs at the Farmers Market at II Creeks from 930am-12 so please stop by and say hello.  The address is 2701 Custer Parkway.  For adoption info please email  Be sure to stop by our facebook page to see our complete list of available pets.

From 8am-2pm we are having a huge garage sale at our new adoption center.  The address is 561 W. Campbell Road, Suite 303, Richardson Texas 75080.

Domino, Wallie and Abe will be at II Creeks
Then it's on to Lee Harvey's where the Dallas Association of Young Lawyers is hosting the Third Annual Dog Day Afternoon.  The address is 1807 Gould Street, Dallas.  There will be raffle drawings and a "best costume" contest for the dogs dressed in costume. While viewing all the entertaining pet costumes, attendees will enjoy live onstage music. Admission to the event is $15.00, which includes 2 drinks tickets.

Sisters Daisy & Devin will be at Lee Harvey's hoping to find forever families.  Earhound Ripley is also hoping to find a loving home and will also be at Lee Harvey's.  All three were rescued from the same rough neighborhood and are thriving in their loving foster homes!
Scooter is another lucky pup that was rescued from the streets of Dallas.  He is about seven months old and will make appearances at II Creeks and Lee Harvey's.

Oliver is a three month old pup that was rescued when a neighbor kid was walking him with a 5 pound choker on him looking to give him away.  Fortunately our friend Karen intervened and took him in, he is a Cairn Terrier mix so won't get too big.

 Norah is the wonderful momma dog that was rescued from the streets of Dallas this past Spring.  People told us they fed her for over four years while she lived in a drainage ditch in a median at the busy intersection of 175/Buckner.  When we rescued her she had nine newborn puppies who have all been adopted by amazing families!  Norah will be at Lee Harvey's if you'd like to stop by and meet her!

Our cats will also be looking for homes this weekend!  They will be at the Petsmart at the NW corner of Coit/Campbell from 11-4 on Saturday and from 12-4 on Sunday.