Sunday, December 26, 2010

Kodiak sent us a cute letter!

Just wanted to let you know how thankful I am that you got me off to such a great start so I fit in well with my new family. I have grown a lot! I'm bigger than my brother, Leo, but I'm 7 pounds lighter. (45 pounds) starting to fill out a little bit though.

I am a very loving, playful little guy! I get Leo to play with me several times a day. He has trimmed down a bit and LOVES having me for his brother. He even looks all over the house when I get to go for a walk and he has to stay home.

I am very good to walk with. I'm polite on the leash. I just LOVE to go for walks and rides in the car. When my mom tells me to go to bed, sometimes I'll go to the garage door to tell her I'd rather ride in the car with her.

I eat pretty much anything, whether it is given to me or not. Food on the counter or table us especially yummy but shoes and stuffed animals are good, too. I like squash, pickles, olives, leather...pretty much anything that can be chewed. Mom says I am a very expensive dog! I hope that since I now have all my adult teeth I won't feel like I need to chew so much. Seems to be getting better.

I am a very good guard dog. At night when it is dark and scary (sometimes daytime, too), I go outside and bark at things...or absolutely nothing.  The family obviously doesn't understand. They come out and tell me to be quiet so I just stand there and bark some more. Lately, Mom has been coming out and telling me what a good job I'm doing. She is finally getting it! Then it is OK for me to come in the house. She understands the danger and I'm off duty!

I love having company. I am learning to sit when people come to visit or approach me when we are out. When people come to visit, I have to greet them with a sniff on the bottom...just like when I greet my dog friends. Mom warns everybody. Most people are ok with it since I greet and leave. Someday I might need to find a new human greeting.

Hoping to start obedience training once the holidays are over. I'm not a bad dog but me and the family can always have room for improvement in our communication.

This picture was taken while I was eating. I'll send a couple more. Mom was having a hard time getting me to hold still.

I hope you are all having a Merry Christmas. Would love to have you for a visit!

Love, Kodiak 

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Shadow is a whole new dog!

We are thrilled to post these new pictures of Shadow!  It's hard to believe it's only been 1 week since we rescued her from the cold streets of Dallas.  She has come so far already and looks incredible!  Her foster mom, Jane is taking great care of her and we are so thankful for Jane's kindness.
Happy and Content!

On Saturday, Jane and JP took Shadow to a local nature park.  She met new dogs, adults and kids and did great with everyone!

Shadow and Jane
After the trip to the park, Shadow got a nice, soothing oatmeal bath at Dirty Dawgs.  That was a good day out!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Story of Shadow's Rescue

This was the first picture we got of her-looks like a little bear cub
makeshift pen used to try and catch her
We were recently contacted by a good samaritan that noticed a dog that would come out late at night scavenging for something to eat while he worked as a night security guard at a local strip mall.  This is the same good samaritan that alerted us to the dire situation this past summer of Cricket, the Wondermutt Momma dog and her puppies that were living on the streets of Dallas in the 100 degree heat.

The latest dog was freezing, starving, terrified and sadly missing a lot of fur.  The dog was pretty skittish so he couldn't get very close but she slowly started warming up to Chuck as he would bring her food each night he was working security at the local strip mall.  Chuck named her Shadow as she tended to slip away into the darkenss of the night. 

Stray no more!
We are so thankful that the talented JP Bonnelly led the rescue attempts yet again.  We went out there 2 nights last week and baited a trap with burgers and chicken strips but this poor dog wasn't going anywhere near the trap.  So we went to plan B, and built a makeshift pen out of orange fencing, hoping she would "dine in" and we could shut a door and trap her in the pen, but instead this dog preferred "take out" and kept grabbing the food and dashing back out the door.  It took several hours being out in the cold and wind Saturday night, but through a lot of patience, JP was able to lasso the dog around 115am Sunday!  She's a real sweetheart and has been so calm and sweet once we got her.  She was probably just scared and not sure she could trust us as other people may have treated her badly.

Sweet Shadow, she has such soulful eyes

She's already been to the vet and started treatment for demodex mange and hookworms.  The report from our vet on Monday is that Shadow's always wagging her tail so it seems she knows she's safe and things are looking up!  She seems to do just fine with both men and women as well as dogs, but haven't cat-tested her yet.  We have a temporary foster home for her until 12/23 but are looking for a foster or forever home for her.  Shadow has been through a lot and we are so thankful that she's safe now and will make sure she finds the loving family she deserved all along!  If you'd like to donate towards her vet care, or for information on fostering or adopting please visit  Thank you for your continued support that helps us help Shadow and other dogs like her.

This is a link to a video JP made that shows what it was like out there. 

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cricket's looking for a loving forever family!

Cricket, a.k.a. the Wondermutt Momma is the sweet dog we rescued in August along with her 8 puppies. They were found at an abandoned house in the 100 degree heat. There are more posts about their story in Aug and Sept.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Tails Adoption Update-Jewel, now named Muffy!

Looks pretty content and happy in her new home, huh?!
Elise shares the background on Jewel...a friend of mine called me a few months ago asking if we could take in this cat. She is a six year old gorgeous green eyed white Persian whose human dad had passed away and her human mom was moving into an adult living center where pets were not allowed. The owner so upset about the cat not having a home that she even considered having her put to sleep so that she did not have to worry about her not getting a good home again.  We took Jewel and had her for a few months. Jewel was adopted about two weeks ago by Lauren and Cory who love her dearly and were kind enough to send us some of Jewel's happy pictures in her new home!

Here are the pictures of Jewel I wanted to send you!

We renamed her Muffy. I don't know why, Cory named her and it just fits.
She responds very well to it though.

She has done a complete turn around, and she is very loving and
affectionate towards us now. We discovered that she loves Christmas
string. She is extremely playful when it comes to string. :)


  Thank you Lauren and Cory for adopting her, we are so happy she found such a wonderful, loving family!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Zeke is looking for his forever home

Zeke is a two year old Sheba Inu who was rescued from a local kill shelter only 15 minutes from his scheduled euthanasia.  His personality is very much as described in this breed type-independent, intelligent and prey driven. 

While in his foster home he is house trained and laid back.  He has great manners and does not attempt to climb on furniture or jump up on people.  He is happy to cuddle, be brushed and petted.  He enjoys basking in the sun and lazing around in the back yard.  However, when taken out on a leash he becomes the hunter and is focused on searching for whatever creature lurks in the grass or trees such as rabbits, squirrels and birds. 

He is fine in a home with older children and with another low key dog but he cannot be in a home with a cat.  If you are interested in adopting this amazing dog please email .

Tonka Chuck and Jack go to school

Today we took Tonka Chuck and Jack to a school where they met 45 children grades 1-3, both dogs did just great with the kids!  We were there to talk to them about rescue.  Tonka and Jack are wonderful examples of how great dogs that are rescued can be!
Tonka Chuck

Tonka is part of the litter of 8 puppies found at an abandoned house in August.  He and his mom, Cricket are still looking for their forever homes.

Jack is one of 3 pups found after being dumped in the country this summer.  He and his mom, Brindy are still looking for their forever homes so contact us if you'd like more info on adopting,, thanks!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Photos from the Howl O'ween party at Blackfinn

Thanks to everyone that came out for our Howl O'ween party last Sunday, we had a great time and enjoyed hanging out with you and your adorable dogs!

Here are some pictures, enjoy!
Sara with Rocky (still available for adoption)
Pippa (very cute and available for adoption)
Jack (available for adoption)
Rocky was a good sport ;)

Riley, now known as Beulla (with her family)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Urgent-8 cats recently evicted after their elderly owner lost his home, please help!

We received a call from an ill and elderly man who was in the process of being evicted from his home in Garland on 10/24/10.  He had contacted several rescue groups and no one had returned his desperate calls.  Well, we got a message too and after letting it sit for a day I called him back to see if we could help out.  Of course he was in tears that he was losing his home and also very upset about having to give up his cats that he had personally rescued. He feared taking them to the Garland Shelter knowing their fate would be death.  We ended up taking 8 of the 9 cats. He is taking the 9th cat with him and will be living in a friend’s home. 

Here is a little info on the cats...

Wolfie is an 8  month old cutie Russian Blue. And he is very blue as he has lost his home suddenly without anywhere to go.  He is a little shy at first but warms up right away.  He is neutered and ready for a new home that he can call his own.


 Sweetheart is likely a sibling of Wolfie’s.  She is only about 18 months old. She is a dilute gray tabby and is very petite for her age.  She is sweet and is looking for a forever home. Sweetheart is spayed and healthy and ready for her new home.
Precious is  a 5 year old semi-dilute calico. She has dark orange spots and light grey spots placed delicately on her white fur. She has Betty Davis eyes and is very vocal. She will make a fabulous companion for a senior who is looking for a conversationalist and lap kitty.

 Boyfriend and Babydoll are brother and sister. They are eight years old and will need to be adopted together. They are very calm and sweet and relate they “just need someone to love them forever”.  They will make great pets for a quiet household.

Casanova is a 3 year old lover.  He loves to purr and sit in your lap and enjoys just hanging out. He rolls around and says “pet my tummy”.  He is not shy and will likely do well in any household.

Bandit is a big boy. He is 4 years old and is quite a bit bigger in person than he is in his photo. He would enjoy a quiet home. He is quick to purr and is anxious to tell you about his life experiences.

Pop Tart is a baby and only 4 months old.  She is a light gray tabby on white. Very unique looking kitty and very sweet. She loves to be held and purrs right away. She will make an awesome pet for a lucky family.

The elderly man was very ill and got behind by months in his rent home in Garland . He had a roommate who passed away and so he lost a portion of his rent to help pay for the house.  It's important that we rally and help out this man and his cats that are down on their luck, they have been very loved and well taken care of and deserve another chance.  All of the cats have been deemed healthy by our vet and have been spayed/neutered/vaccinated and microchipped.  Five are in currently in boarding so please contact us if you're interested in fostering or adopting by emailing us at  Or if you're unable to foster or adopt, please consider making a donation using PayPal on our website at under the Ways to Help page by clicking the "donation" button.

We work closely with Feral Friends so the cats will be adopted through Feral Friends.  The adoption fee for kittens is $135 and cats over 12 months $105. To fill out an application for adoption go to  and submit the application on-line.

Thank you for your ongoing support, we really appreciate it!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Adoption Update!

Great news, several dogs have recently been adopted!  Congrats to Hershey, Sampson, Rory, Zeus, Ace, Lollipop, Li'l Agent, and Fiona, we couldn't be happier that they found such wonderful homes!  An extra bonus is that siblings Ace and Zeus got to stay together and were adopted by the same family!

6 of Cricket's 8 pups have now been adopted, adorable Rocky and Tonka Chuck are still looking for their forever family so if you'd like to audition please email us at  Sweet momma dog Cricket is also still available for adoption, she'd make a wonderful addition to a lucky family!


Friday, October 1, 2010

Please join us at our Howl O'Ween Party and Dog Costume Contest on Oct 24!

We're having a Howl O'Ween Party and Dog Costume Contest to benefit the animals of Take Me Home Pet Rescue.  This event will be held at Blackfinn in Addison on October 24 from 3-6pm.  For a $10 donation you'll get a chance at winning a round-trip ticket on Southwest Airlines, $3 drink specials and one dog entry into the costume contest.  Addtional entries are just $5.  Prizes will be awarded for the Funniest, Scariest and Favorite canine costume.  So dress up your pup and come out to join in the festivities!  Hope to see you there!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Please join us at our Fundraiser on Friday September 24, 5-830pm!

(click image to enlarge)

Hope you can join us at this fun event!  We will have many local artists displaying and selling original works along with a silent auction, free spirits and hors d'oeuvres.  We'll also have some of our adoptable animals mingling with the guests so come on out for a great time to support a great cause!

Advance tickets can be purchased for $20 at on the "Ways to Help" tab, click on "donation" which will take you right to paypal.  Your name and tickets will be added to the Will Call List which will be at the entrance to the event.  Folks that pre-purchase will also be entered into a raffle for a ladies FOSSIL watch.  Otherwise tickest are $22 at the door (cash or check preferred). 
Hope to see y'all there, thanks for your support!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Carlee seeks loving family to call her own!

Carlee is a five month old black and white lab mix who was abandoned in a
local neighborhood along with her sisters, Lucy and Penny.  They were only 8
weeks old when the were tossed over a fence in someone's backyard.  Their
sad and mournful cries kept them from drowning in the pool when the owner of
the house heard them before they could fall in.

Carlee has been living in a foster home with a three year old child and
other pets. She gets along great with dogs and cats and will make a
fantastic family pet. She is house trained, crate trained, leash trained and
simple command trained too.  She is energetic since she is still a puppy and
would be happiest in a home where someone is home more than not and has fun
of activities planned for her.  Carlee will grow to be a medium to large dog
(our guess on weight is about 45-50 pounds when full grown).

Take Me Home Pet Rescue works very hard to be sure the pets are placed in
loving forever homes. We prefer homes where there is an adult home at least
half the day so that the puppy will not be required to stay in a crate for
long periods or be left in a back yard unsupervised as this makes for an
unhappy puppy and owner. 

For more information and to request a Puppy Application email  We require a completed application, home
visit and $200.00 adoption fee that covers her spay,  all puppy
vaccinations, worming, flea treatment and microchipping.  There is no
guarantee that a pet will be adopted to any one person simply because they
have submitted an application.  We want a long happy relationship and strive
to be sure that both pet and person are a good match for each other.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Updated pictures of Cricket's 8 Little Rascals!

They love to play!

We wanted to share a few more pictures of the 8 puppies (that we found under the abandoned house on Aug 11-read their complete story in our blog posts from Aug 15-16).  All are doing great and are currently in foster homes.  They are now available for adoption so please contact us if you'd like more information on adopting a new loving family member by emailing us at  Thanks!

This is Lollipop, our cute pup that's missing part of her leg



Zeus is the one on the left and Ace is on the right