Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Update on Maya, Leonard & Sheldon

Sheldon's ready for his first Christmas
On Dec 9, 2011, we received a plea for help for a homeless momma dog that had recently given birth to puppies in an industrial area of Dallas. The temps were in the 30s so JP and I went out to rescue them as soon as possible.

Around 8pm, we found a stairwell covered in blankets. JP carefully sifted through them and then found the mom tucked up against the wall. She had somewhat dug herself into the ground to try to keep her babies and herself warm.

Normally a dog's "flight" response kicks in but she just froze. She was trembling, probably from cold and fear. JP carefully slipped the leash over her head and we were able to take Momma and her 2 babies home.

We've named the momma dog Maya. She is absolutely beautiful and has such soulful eyes. We named the puppies Leonard & Sheldon, they are fat and happy!  And yes, they are named after our favorite characters in the tv show The Big Bang Theory!

Maya is starting to settle in and now wags her tail when JP goes in to check on them.  Poor Maya had probably never known a day of love up until now.  If you've never fostered a former street dog, we highly recommend you add it to your "bucket list."  It is one of the most rewarding things you can do.  You get to show them that there are nice people in this world.  You get to be the first to take them in as a family member and show them love.  You get to watch them blossom as they get comfortable with you and their new surroundings.  Then the bittersweet moment will come when the loving family they deserved all along adopts them and you know that you helped prepare them for that moment and the dog is going on to live a wonderful life because of your selflessness.

Momma Maya
Maya is heartworm positive. Treatment to get her healthy again costs hundreds of dollars so we're hoping you will donate towards the care of this little family via this razoo link: http://www.razoo.com/story/Saving-Maya-And-Her-Puppies 

We are a 501c3 and will send you a tax receipt. Thank you for your ongoing support. Because of your help Maya, Leonard and Sheldon are now warm, fed, safe and on their way to a much better life!

A special thank you to JP for fostering the little family and providing this terrific pictures, soooo cute! 

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  1. I've fostered several former street dogs and can attest to the joy and peace one experiences every time they settle into their warm and cozy beds. You can see the sweet relief on their little faces when they realize that they don't have to be afraid of predators or where their next meal will come from or if anyone cares about them. It's an experience that sears a permanent circle of love in your heart.