Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Update on the Momma Dog and Puppies Rescued on 3/22

We want to thank Susie and Reuben for jumping right in and fostering this cute little family, they are lifesavers!  They have named the momma dog Precious and as you can see in the pictures she looks like she's a million times happier now that she's safe and in foster care instead of living out on the streets of SW Dallas, fending for herself and her young family.  It's so heartwarming to see a dog that was so scared, warm up so quickly now that she's getting a lot of love and TLC.  Susie and Reuben have also been helping her out by bottle-feeding the five puppies who are about 10 days old now.  We'll continue to post updates and more pictures as they grow up, thanks!


Monday, March 28, 2011

The Rescue of Norah and Her Nine Little Puppies

On 3/26 we rescued another stray momma dog and her 9 puppies. We also rescued a stray momma dog and young puppies on 3/22 so if you're moved by their stories, please donate $10 to help us get everyone vetted via this link Thank you for your ongoing support!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Another momma dog and puppies saved this week, holy cow, more puppies!!

You may recall that earlier this week on 3/22 we were able to rescue a stray momma dog and her litter of newborn we've done the same thing again on 3/26!  We are on major puppy overload and desperately need financial support as well as fosters (once they're old enough to be weaned).  It costs a lot to get each puppy fully vetted so this is a huge undertaking to have so many puppies in our program at the same time.  We will later recoup some of our expenses via adoption fees and then that money can be used towards future dogs/puppies/cats that come through our program so please donate via this link and share with your friends.  We really appreciate your support and can't do this without your help!

Ok so back to the latest rescue, about a month ago we learned of a stray dog named Norah that's been living in a drainage ditch near 175/Buckner.  We've gone out to try and catch her the past several weekends and several folks that live in that area have stopped to tell us they've been feeding her for a few years, yep, you ready correctly years!  So as you can imagine she's very street-smart and has proven herself to be quite difficult to catch.
We tried using a trap baited with chicken but she wouldn't go near that.  Then JP pulled a MacGyver move and crafted something to slide down in the drainage hole so she couldn't go back so far, tied rope to it and waited patiently for her to go in the hole and then we were going to try and trap her in it but we never got that plan to work either.

About 1-2 weeks ago we started to notice she looked a bit bigger so were worried she may be pregnant but weren't really sure.  But yesterday when we saw her she looked noticably thinner so we realized she must have been pregnant and must have had the puppies since we last saw her on 3/20.  We'd also noticed that she spends time hanging out at the nearby House of Prayer so JP started looking through the bushes and found them hidden up against the wall of the Church, 9 pups total.  As you could have guessed Norah took off but we were lucky that the pups were in a courtyard area of a manageable size to try and contain her.  So we baited a trap with a few of her puppies, got back in the car and waited for her to show back up. 

About 2 hrs later she came back to the courtyard so JP was able to shut the gate and I guarded the fence to try and scare her back into the courtyard if she tried to get out.  Fortunately JP was able to loop her!

So now we're happy to report that Norah and her 9 babies are safe and off the streets.  However, sadly as soon as we caught her we saw 2 more stray dogs show up, ugh.  Over the past few months of trying to catch Norah we've seen an additional 13 dogs hanging around that area, none of the males are neutered and most of the girls look to be pregnant or nursing, sigh.  Some of these dogs have collars and we think one of the other momma dogs belongs to someone as we've followed her back to one particular house and even saw one of her puppies just hanging out in the front yard (loose).  Apparently they're not feeding the mom dog as everytime we've been out there we've seen her out crossing the busy roads looking for food, it's so sad.  We really need more fosters and we need people to spay/neuter and care properly for their pets!  So while we're frustrated by neighborhoods like that, we are relieved and happy that Norah and her 9 puppies have been saved and will go on to live long and happy lives thanks to your support. 

Blogger is acting up so I'll have to add the pictures later, sorry about that.  We do have some posted on our facebook page so you can also check that.  Thanks again!  Oh and if you or anyone you know is able to help us by fostering please email  We cover the vetting costs and can provide supplies as needed, the foster provides a safe and loving home and a lot of TLC!

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Slurpee with his new family

Wanted to share a cute picture of Slurpee posing with his mom, Patricia and big sis, Sadie.  Slurpee is one of five great pyrenees pups that we rescued from a kill shelter when they were only about 8 weeks old.  His brother Alaska is still looking for a home so please email if you'd like more info on adopting him.

And if you've adopted a pet from TMHPR please feel free to email us pictures of him/her.  We also like to get pictures of you with your pet, thanks!  Our email is

A/C tune-ups benefitting TMHPR

The folks at Comfort Experts are offering a wonderful deal where it only costs $39 to get your air conditioner tuned-up for summer and the best part of all is that the entire $39 gets donated to TMHPR!  This service normally costs $79 so not only are you getting a great price but you're tuning-up for a cause!

Please click on this link for more info and to sign up, thanks!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Another exciting rescue-we have a new momma dog and puppies!

Momma and her pups were very well hidden in the shrubs
Yesterday we were contacted by a good samaritan named Susie about a stray momma dog that gave birth to puppies over the weekend under a bush at the Cliff Manor housing facility in North Oak Cliff.

Susie learned that the momma had hidden the pups in the bushes outside the shelter and was worried that as they got old enough to be mobile they would get hit by a car or fall into the wrong hands.  It should be noted that JP Bonnelly and TMHPR get numerous requests for help with stray dogs but the reason we were able to spring into action so quickly was because Susie offered to foster, so since we had a place for them to go JP and I went out there last night to catch the little family!

When we first arrived on the scene we found momma and crew tucked up under the bushes.  JP tried looping her with the leash but she got scared and took off.  We then placed a few of her puppies in a trap, along with some chicken strips to try and lure her in. 

When momma dog came back she was happy to see a guy named Gabriel that lives at the shelter.  She came up to him wagging her tail and even rolled over for a belly rub.  This was the first time she let him pet her so that was great.  She then went and rolled around in the grass for a bit and decided to lay down and wait us out. 
Gabriel and Momma
Then another resident named Gary decided to give it a try so walked up to her and he was also able to pet her and she rolled over for another belly rub!  JP was working on getting a leash to Gary so he could loop it around her neck but the next thing we knew Gary grabbed her legs and was picking her up!  So JP rushed in and was able to get the leash around her neck, she was spooked so tried to get away but JP held onto her, whew!  It was a great team effort.  Sidenote, rarely does this happen where a scared dog will suddenly let people pet her for the first time while we're out there trying to catch the dog so that was pretty wild that she did that twice.  She was pretty overwhelmed last night but we know she'll come around and make a great family pet.

Momma dog is super cute and so are the puppies, when we rescued them there were four boys and four girls but sadly two passed away early this morning. 

While we are saddened that we lost two of the little pups, this was a very rewarding rescue...we met so many nice folks at the shelter that came out to express their past concern and now gratitude that we were getting the little family to safety.  Apparently someone had posted a sign saying they were going to fine people $25 for feeding her and animal control was also called but was unable to catch her.  I wish we would have had someone there to film these folks as several talked about how even though they didn't have much for themselves, God put them on this planet along with all living creatures and they couldn't walk past an animal in need without doing something to help. 

Gabriel, unidentified man and Gary
We learned that momma dog has been hanging around there for 4 months and has had several guardian angels looking after her and bringing her food.  These folks are going through hard times but scraped up money to feed this beautiful momma dog.  It was kind of bittersweet as they talked about how they were happy she's safe now but that they're really going to miss having her around.  JP told them that we'll send them updates and pictures and will also try to go back in 6 weeks or so and bring momma and a few pups to visit.

Sweet Momma Dog

Heading to her foster home!
Our group is overloaded with puppies so would appreciate it if you could get the word out that we'll have several available for adoption very soon!  Just last week we took in a six-pack of female Heeler/Shep mixes that were abandoned on the side of a country road, ugh.  In January we pulled a pregnant chi-weenie from Garland and her six-pack of pups were born Feb 7 so they'll also be ready for homes soon.  As you can guess with all these puppies we desperately need more fosters as well as financial help.  Folks can donate by clicking this link, and can get more info on fostering/adopting by visiting our website  Thank you for your ongoing support, we couldn't do this without you!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Six Puppies Found in a Box

This week we were contacted by a good samaritan that found six puppies abandoned in a box on the side of a country road.  It's a shame that we live in a society where folks toss out live animals like trash, ugh. 

Fortunately help came along and where one human failed these young pups, another saved them.  We have taken them into TMHPR and they are now in foster care and will be available for adoption soon.  Please email for more info on adding one of these cuties to your family!  They're all girls and look to be Heeler/Shepherd mixes so will likely grow to be medium-size dogs. 

If you'd like to contribute towards their vetting costs, please click on this link to donate:


Adoption event at the Stars game was a huge success!

We'd like to thank all of our volunteers and foster parents that came out to the adoption event at the Stars game last weekend.  We have a wonderful group of folks and all of the dogs were so well-behaved.  This was a really fun event and great exposure for our group!

Here's our group picture from the event...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Adoption Event at the American Airlines Center Sunday March 13

The Dallas Stars are teaming up with the Metroplex Animal Coalition to host an adoption event outside the AAC on Sunday, starting at 1pm.  Several local rescue groups including TMHPR will be on-hand showcasing dogs that are available for adoption. 

They are also offering discount hockey tickets for Sunday's game and $5 of each ticket gets donated to the rescue groups. Buy your discounted tickets by going to Special offer code: "stars" or by contacting Megan at

Thanks, hope to see you there!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Letter from Lynx!

Lynx is a beautiful Australian Shepherd that we rescued from the Denton shelter in January.  She's a bit older and is sadly losing her eyesight but we were thrilled as the perfect family came along as soon as we posted her on our facebook page.  We are so happy that she found such a wonderful family where she is adored and loved dearly.  She is now named Lexi.  Enjoy this cute note from her...

Hi just a note from 'Lexi' and Mama to let you know how great we are doing...I am in full charge now and everyone just loves me to death.  I have been to see my new Dr. Kirk Esmond two times now.  He took x-rays the last time and he said I look good for my age, that made mom and I feel better.  My eyes are not so hot but Teddy helps me.  We just wanted you to know we are doing really well and hope all is wonderful with you and yours. 
Our best to all, love Lexi and Mom