Monday, July 18, 2011

Saving Norah

We rescued Norah and her nine newborn puppies on March 26, 2011.  She did a great job raising the puppies and is a wonderful, sweet momma dog.  A few of them are still in her foster home and she lets them climb all over her and also loves to chase them in the yard, play tug-of-war and does a special trick where she tries to fit their head into her mouth.  She is now having the time of her life.

When we rescued her back in March, she was skin and bones and in rough shape.  After weaning the puppies, we treated her for a painful tick-related disease called Ehrlichia.  Then when she had her spay surgery on July 8 they found a lump and we are saddened and heart-broken to report that our wonderful girl, Norah, has cancer.  This poor dog just can't catch a break.

Life is not fair.  She lived in a ditch, homeless, for 4 years and has finally found people who love and care for her and now this happens to her.

Initially they thought she'd only have 3-8 months to live but further tests show the cancer is a form called TVT.  The statistics show that 90% of dogs that go through chemotherapy have a good outcome so we're really hoping that for once Norah is on the right side of the odds.  She will go for weekly chemo sessions for 6-8 weeks and the estimated cost is $1500.  She had her first round on July 15 and I'm happy to report that so far she seems to be feeling ok, she even felt up to playing with the puppies when we got home.  Hopefully we'll get good news in a few weeks that the chemo is working.

As we all know, Norah is a fighter and does not give up easily!!  But she needs our help, please donate towards her care via this link:

Thank you for your ongoing support.  As a special bonus, anyone that donates through the end of July will be entered in a drawing to win a trip on Southwest Airlines (valued at $400).  We'll announce the winner at the beginning of August. 

If you are not familiar with her story, here is a link: