Thursday, October 20, 2011

Garland Police Rescue 2 dogs Found Tied in a Creek Bed

While looking for suspects in a creek in Garland, a few Garland Police Officers came across the two dogs bound up on a piece of rebar.  The officers knew that the dogs would starve, or drown in the next rain, if they didn’t get them out so they jumped into action. 

All of the ropes in the picture were tied to the little female Chihuahua and the male scruffy puppy was tethered to the pink and red leashes and they were all tangled up around the rebar sticking up from a piece of concrete in the creek.  You can see this in the photo.  It appears that they were tied together when they escaped, and then one went under the rebar and one went over and they got stuck.  They were several feet from the creek, so it doesn’t appear someone tried to drown them.  There were a couple piles of waste near the dogs, as if they had been tangled there for awhile.
This picture was taken right before they were freed!

We are very thankful the Garland Police stopped to rescue these two lucky pups on October 19th.  The puppy is only about 8 weeks old and can brag to his friends that he's already ridden in a squad car!  Both dogs are now safe in the care of a loving foster home and will be available for adoption through TMHPR.  Please email for adoption info, thanks!

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