Monday, November 14, 2011

Meet Olive, the littlest black dog...

The wonderful Dallas shelter staff and volunteers posted pictures and video of this dog that was in urgent need of rescue on Nov 9, at the time she only weighed 10.4 pounds and you could see every bone in her body. On Nov 10th we found a foster so welcomed this severely emaciated dog, Olive, into Take Me Home Pet Rescue! She will live in a loving foster home where she will receive tons of TLC.

She will also have top notch veterinary care from the folks at Breckinridge Park Animal Hospital. Once she recovers and gains weight and is healthy we will place her up for adoption in the Dallas, TX area.  Please donate towards the care of Olive and others like her via this razoo link, we are a 501c3 and will send you a tax receipt. Thanks for your support! Olive's video at the shelter:

Olive is anemic and also has a bad care of worms so she's being treated for those things.  We're also feeding her special food from the vet and her awesome foster mom Jenny has been cooking a lot of chicken and rice (Olive's favorite foods)!

Olive getting some love at the shelter

On Nov 11, Olive moved in with her loving foster mom Jenny and is fitting right in with her other dogs and is enjoying being spoiled rotten.  The best part is Olive even has her own facebook page so we hope you'll join it so you can follow the progress of this remarkable little dog who has captured the heart of everyone that's met her or even heard her story!  Link to Olive's fb page:!/pages/Olive-the-littlest-black-dog/180920725330071

Olive even went to work with Jenny on Friday, she was a big hit with the co-workers!

Updates from Jenny:
Olive day 1. Not sure where to begin. This is the most beautiful, fragile, gentle creature. She is weak. Walking better than in the original video, but tires quickly. Her appetite is good naturally. The pictures of her are frightening, but I wasn't prepared for how horrifying she is to the touch. Every rib, every bone, even her tail, you can feel every bit of cartilage. I'm carrying her most of the time it seems. She came to work with me today and boy was she the most popular girl in the building. She loved everyone she met. And everyone loved her too. A handful of people cried when they saw her. Literally cried. Poor Jackie cried for about 45 minutes. She loves her new bed and her new "jacket" for warmth, and padding more importantly. We had a successful meeting with the rest of the family this afternoon. Everyone sensed her fragility and after sniffs, they gave her space. Smart dogs. Tonight after dinner, we curl up on the sofa by the fire and hunker down and cuddle. Miss Olive had a big day, I think she's worn out. Tonight with a full belly, safe and warm she will dream happy puppy things. And tomorrow...another day closer to full health and a wonderful life.
Meeting her foster siblings
Field trip to Petco
 Olive day 2...2pm. Vet called this morning and she has hookworms. She's also anemic. Doc says this is contributing to the weakness. But we got the pills this morning and the worms will soon be gone. She can go down the stairs but not up. She tries however. She is a SLOPPY drinker. Water everywhere. She also talks. Very funny. A few accidents in the house cause she doesn't know how to tell me she has to go out. Just easily stopped one, she'll learn. Follows me everywhere, motors around all the dogs, then climbs back into her bed when she peters out. Falling in love fast, but keeping my "foster" head on so I can help another one day. Yep, that's what I keep telling myself...oy.
From Mom...5:20am. Third time we've been up tonight. Why? Because someone wanted to cuddle, someone wanted to talk to the weird dog (cat), someone had to do their biz, and someone wanted a snack. I'm gonna be useless today, but there's a very happy little black dog who is starting to resemble a real puppy.

Olive Day 3...From Mom...The little black dog is doing really well. She's eating like a champ. Chicken and rice mixed with wet and dry food from the vet and a little water are not making anything worse. And have mercy, she loves her chicken! She's motoring around the yard and has navigated the deck pretty well. She's had a very busy day at the park, and visiting with Shannon. She's currently lounging in her squishy bed...looks like she's contemplating a nap. She never lets me out of her sight and follows me everywhere, constantly under foot. No accidents in the house today. If it's possible, she gets sweeter every minute. And her personality is starting to come to light. This is an amazing little dog, with an amazing little spirit.

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