Monday, December 19, 2011

Cricket's Christmas Wish

Cricket was rescued from an abandoned house, along with her eight young puppies.  A night security guard at a local stripmall noticed her coming out at night to scavange for food.  He befriended her and we actually tried getting to her before she had the pups but were too late so then we had the daunting task of trying to find them.  Miraculously she raised them all on her own for 3 weeks before we found them hidden in the floorboards of a nearby abandoned house.  All of the puppies survived and have now been adopted.  Now it's Cricket's turn to find a loving home of her own! 

Cricket is a very happy-go-lucky dog who absolutely adores people!  She loves to go on walks, play fetch, play with her toys and her favorite thing of all is cuddling on the couch.  She's about 2 yrs old, 40 lbs, is housetrained and knows basic commands and has good house manners.

Since she spent the first part of her life all on her own without anyone loving on her, we've noticed she prefers to get all the attention herself instead of sharing the limelight with other pets so will do best as an only dog.  Please share Cricket's video with your friends so we can find her the loving home she deserved all along!  Please email for adoption info, thanks!

 Cricket's Video:

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