Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Urgent-8 cats recently evicted after their elderly owner lost his home, please help!

We received a call from an ill and elderly man who was in the process of being evicted from his home in Garland on 10/24/10.  He had contacted several rescue groups and no one had returned his desperate calls.  Well, we got a message too and after letting it sit for a day I called him back to see if we could help out.  Of course he was in tears that he was losing his home and also very upset about having to give up his cats that he had personally rescued. He feared taking them to the Garland Shelter knowing their fate would be death.  We ended up taking 8 of the 9 cats. He is taking the 9th cat with him and will be living in a friend’s home. 

Here is a little info on the cats...

Wolfie is an 8  month old cutie Russian Blue. And he is very blue as he has lost his home suddenly without anywhere to go.  He is a little shy at first but warms up right away.  He is neutered and ready for a new home that he can call his own.


 Sweetheart is likely a sibling of Wolfie’s.  She is only about 18 months old. She is a dilute gray tabby and is very petite for her age.  She is sweet and is looking for a forever home. Sweetheart is spayed and healthy and ready for her new home.
Precious is  a 5 year old semi-dilute calico. She has dark orange spots and light grey spots placed delicately on her white fur. She has Betty Davis eyes and is very vocal. She will make a fabulous companion for a senior who is looking for a conversationalist and lap kitty.

 Boyfriend and Babydoll are brother and sister. They are eight years old and will need to be adopted together. They are very calm and sweet and relate they “just need someone to love them forever”.  They will make great pets for a quiet household.

Casanova is a 3 year old lover.  He loves to purr and sit in your lap and enjoys just hanging out. He rolls around and says “pet my tummy”.  He is not shy and will likely do well in any household.

Bandit is a big boy. He is 4 years old and is quite a bit bigger in person than he is in his photo. He would enjoy a quiet home. He is quick to purr and is anxious to tell you about his life experiences.

Pop Tart is a baby and only 4 months old.  She is a light gray tabby on white. Very unique looking kitty and very sweet. She loves to be held and purrs right away. She will make an awesome pet for a lucky family.

The elderly man was very ill and got behind by months in his rent home in Garland . He had a roommate who passed away and so he lost a portion of his rent to help pay for the house.  It's important that we rally and help out this man and his cats that are down on their luck, they have been very loved and well taken care of and deserve another chance.  All of the cats have been deemed healthy by our vet and have been spayed/neutered/vaccinated and microchipped.  Five are in currently in boarding so please contact us if you're interested in fostering or adopting by emailing us at  Or if you're unable to foster or adopt, please consider making a donation using PayPal on our website at under the Ways to Help page by clicking the "donation" button.

We work closely with Feral Friends so the cats will be adopted through Feral Friends.  The adoption fee for kittens is $135 and cats over 12 months $105. To fill out an application for adoption go to  and submit the application on-line.

Thank you for your ongoing support, we really appreciate it!

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