Sunday, December 26, 2010

Kodiak sent us a cute letter!

Just wanted to let you know how thankful I am that you got me off to such a great start so I fit in well with my new family. I have grown a lot! I'm bigger than my brother, Leo, but I'm 7 pounds lighter. (45 pounds) starting to fill out a little bit though.

I am a very loving, playful little guy! I get Leo to play with me several times a day. He has trimmed down a bit and LOVES having me for his brother. He even looks all over the house when I get to go for a walk and he has to stay home.

I am very good to walk with. I'm polite on the leash. I just LOVE to go for walks and rides in the car. When my mom tells me to go to bed, sometimes I'll go to the garage door to tell her I'd rather ride in the car with her.

I eat pretty much anything, whether it is given to me or not. Food on the counter or table us especially yummy but shoes and stuffed animals are good, too. I like squash, pickles, olives, leather...pretty much anything that can be chewed. Mom says I am a very expensive dog! I hope that since I now have all my adult teeth I won't feel like I need to chew so much. Seems to be getting better.

I am a very good guard dog. At night when it is dark and scary (sometimes daytime, too), I go outside and bark at things...or absolutely nothing.  The family obviously doesn't understand. They come out and tell me to be quiet so I just stand there and bark some more. Lately, Mom has been coming out and telling me what a good job I'm doing. She is finally getting it! Then it is OK for me to come in the house. She understands the danger and I'm off duty!

I love having company. I am learning to sit when people come to visit or approach me when we are out. When people come to visit, I have to greet them with a sniff on the bottom...just like when I greet my dog friends. Mom warns everybody. Most people are ok with it since I greet and leave. Someday I might need to find a new human greeting.

Hoping to start obedience training once the holidays are over. I'm not a bad dog but me and the family can always have room for improvement in our communication.

This picture was taken while I was eating. I'll send a couple more. Mom was having a hard time getting me to hold still.

I hope you are all having a Merry Christmas. Would love to have you for a visit!

Love, Kodiak 

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