Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Story of Shadow's Rescue

This was the first picture we got of her-looks like a little bear cub
makeshift pen used to try and catch her
We were recently contacted by a good samaritan that noticed a dog that would come out late at night scavenging for something to eat while he worked as a night security guard at a local strip mall.  This is the same good samaritan that alerted us to the dire situation this past summer of Cricket, the Wondermutt Momma dog and her puppies that were living on the streets of Dallas in the 100 degree heat.

The latest dog was freezing, starving, terrified and sadly missing a lot of fur.  The dog was pretty skittish so he couldn't get very close but she slowly started warming up to Chuck as he would bring her food each night he was working security at the local strip mall.  Chuck named her Shadow as she tended to slip away into the darkenss of the night. 

Stray no more!
We are so thankful that the talented JP Bonnelly led the rescue attempts yet again.  We went out there 2 nights last week and baited a trap with burgers and chicken strips but this poor dog wasn't going anywhere near the trap.  So we went to plan B, and built a makeshift pen out of orange fencing, hoping she would "dine in" and we could shut a door and trap her in the pen, but instead this dog preferred "take out" and kept grabbing the food and dashing back out the door.  It took several hours being out in the cold and wind Saturday night, but through a lot of patience, JP was able to lasso the dog around 115am Sunday!  She's a real sweetheart and has been so calm and sweet once we got her.  She was probably just scared and not sure she could trust us as other people may have treated her badly.

Sweet Shadow, she has such soulful eyes

She's already been to the vet and started treatment for demodex mange and hookworms.  The report from our vet on Monday is that Shadow's always wagging her tail so it seems she knows she's safe and things are looking up!  She seems to do just fine with both men and women as well as dogs, but haven't cat-tested her yet.  We have a temporary foster home for her until 12/23 but are looking for a foster or forever home for her.  Shadow has been through a lot and we are so thankful that she's safe now and will make sure she finds the loving family she deserved all along!  If you'd like to donate towards her vet care, or for information on fostering or adopting please visit www.takemehomepetrescue.com  Thank you for your continued support that helps us help Shadow and other dogs like her.

This is a link to a video JP made that shows what it was like out there. 

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