Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Tails Adoption Update-Jewel, now named Muffy!

Looks pretty content and happy in her new home, huh?!
Elise shares the background on Jewel...a friend of mine called me a few months ago asking if we could take in this cat. She is a six year old gorgeous green eyed white Persian whose human dad had passed away and her human mom was moving into an adult living center where pets were not allowed. The owner so upset about the cat not having a home that she even considered having her put to sleep so that she did not have to worry about her not getting a good home again.  We took Jewel and had her for a few months. Jewel was adopted about two weeks ago by Lauren and Cory who love her dearly and were kind enough to send us some of Jewel's happy pictures in her new home!

Here are the pictures of Jewel I wanted to send you!

We renamed her Muffy. I don't know why, Cory named her and it just fits.
She responds very well to it though.

She has done a complete turn around, and she is very loving and
affectionate towards us now. We discovered that she loves Christmas
string. She is extremely playful when it comes to string. :)


  Thank you Lauren and Cory for adopting her, we are so happy she found such a wonderful, loving family!

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