Sunday, March 27, 2011

Another momma dog and puppies saved this week, holy cow, more puppies!!

You may recall that earlier this week on 3/22 we were able to rescue a stray momma dog and her litter of newborn we've done the same thing again on 3/26!  We are on major puppy overload and desperately need financial support as well as fosters (once they're old enough to be weaned).  It costs a lot to get each puppy fully vetted so this is a huge undertaking to have so many puppies in our program at the same time.  We will later recoup some of our expenses via adoption fees and then that money can be used towards future dogs/puppies/cats that come through our program so please donate via this link and share with your friends.  We really appreciate your support and can't do this without your help!

Ok so back to the latest rescue, about a month ago we learned of a stray dog named Norah that's been living in a drainage ditch near 175/Buckner.  We've gone out to try and catch her the past several weekends and several folks that live in that area have stopped to tell us they've been feeding her for a few years, yep, you ready correctly years!  So as you can imagine she's very street-smart and has proven herself to be quite difficult to catch.
We tried using a trap baited with chicken but she wouldn't go near that.  Then JP pulled a MacGyver move and crafted something to slide down in the drainage hole so she couldn't go back so far, tied rope to it and waited patiently for her to go in the hole and then we were going to try and trap her in it but we never got that plan to work either.

About 1-2 weeks ago we started to notice she looked a bit bigger so were worried she may be pregnant but weren't really sure.  But yesterday when we saw her she looked noticably thinner so we realized she must have been pregnant and must have had the puppies since we last saw her on 3/20.  We'd also noticed that she spends time hanging out at the nearby House of Prayer so JP started looking through the bushes and found them hidden up against the wall of the Church, 9 pups total.  As you could have guessed Norah took off but we were lucky that the pups were in a courtyard area of a manageable size to try and contain her.  So we baited a trap with a few of her puppies, got back in the car and waited for her to show back up. 

About 2 hrs later she came back to the courtyard so JP was able to shut the gate and I guarded the fence to try and scare her back into the courtyard if she tried to get out.  Fortunately JP was able to loop her!

So now we're happy to report that Norah and her 9 babies are safe and off the streets.  However, sadly as soon as we caught her we saw 2 more stray dogs show up, ugh.  Over the past few months of trying to catch Norah we've seen an additional 13 dogs hanging around that area, none of the males are neutered and most of the girls look to be pregnant or nursing, sigh.  Some of these dogs have collars and we think one of the other momma dogs belongs to someone as we've followed her back to one particular house and even saw one of her puppies just hanging out in the front yard (loose).  Apparently they're not feeding the mom dog as everytime we've been out there we've seen her out crossing the busy roads looking for food, it's so sad.  We really need more fosters and we need people to spay/neuter and care properly for their pets!  So while we're frustrated by neighborhoods like that, we are relieved and happy that Norah and her 9 puppies have been saved and will go on to live long and happy lives thanks to your support. 

Blogger is acting up so I'll have to add the pictures later, sorry about that.  We do have some posted on our facebook page so you can also check that.  Thanks again!  Oh and if you or anyone you know is able to help us by fostering please email  We cover the vetting costs and can provide supplies as needed, the foster provides a safe and loving home and a lot of TLC!

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