Wednesday, June 22, 2011

There are Heroes Amongst Us

Lexi and Lady with their hero, Shanna
Meet a real life Super Hero...Shanna found these dogs in a hotel parking lot in Houston while on a business trip in May. They were starving and covered with fleas and Lady, the baby, had a rope tied around her neck that was very tight. Shanna tried to find a place in Houston to take them but because she did not have a resident ID no shelter would accept them so she took them back to the Dallas area and started looking for help. She found TMHPR through the internet and asked if we could help. She agreed to self foster them so we were able to take them into our group. Both are spayed, vaccinated and microchipped.
They are both very sweet and easy going. Lexi who is 12 months old is very smart and obedient and a very affectionate dog. Lady, who is a four month old puppy, is wonderful too, and very energetic. Both will make great family pets and are good with other dogs and likely cats too and kids. Please email for info on adopting one (or both) of these wonderful dogs, thanks! Please donate towards their care via this link, thanks for your support

We are very thankful that there are people like Shanna in this world.  Most folks would have come up with 1000 reasons not to help, especially if they weren't even in their hometown.  We're glad Shanna did the right thing and stopped to show Lady and Lexi kindness, compassion and love.  Now if only we could clone Shanna!

Lady napping on her way to safety

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