Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Update from Brownie's New Family

Brownie is a wonderful little trooper that was rescued from the Garland shelter in January when she was pregnant.  She had six puppies on Feb 7 and did a great job raising them and we're happy to report that Brownie was recently adopted by a loving family! 

Here's what they had to say..."just wanted to keep you updated. Brownie had a great day.  She went to bed with Avery last night and burrowed in to the foot of the bed during story time. Troy was at the stadium late. When he came home she greeted him at the door and then went back to bed with Avery. When I checked in she was under the covers with her head sharing the pillow with Avery.

Today she spunked up and has run around the yard and played with toys. We went for a walk and she was happy with that.  Brownie and the cat are buddies there was no hissing or chasing. In fact they slept side by side in the sun and share the dog bed. She is an awesome dog and we feel blessed to have her our family's life. I truly believe that the best pets choose you. She did that day we came to see you. Our neighbors have fallen in love with her, Avery went to show her off. Avery dressed her up in a feather boa and tutu and she is such a doll. Thank you for saving her life so she could be with us."

We love getting updates from our adopters so please send pictures and stories to us at info@takemehomepetrescue.com, thanks!

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