Monday, August 16, 2010

Update on Wondermutt Momma and her 8 Pups

Momma dog and her pups spent the night of their rescue at JP's and were great little houseguests.  Wanted to share some more pictures since they're just so cute! 

They then headed to the vet on August 12 and they're all in pretty good shape, especially given what they've been through and that they've been living out on the streets.  Momma has whipworms, hookworms and heartworms.  The pups have hooks and roundworms so now everyone's been treated to get rid of the worms! 

The back leg on the one pup was a clean cut at the knee and is granulating without any signs of infection.  They're calling it a "traumatic amputation" meaning it happened after she was born, poor baby!  She's definitely a tough little one!  She's now in a foster home along with her brother, Chuck (the black puppy).

We also still need fosters for the rest of the family.  The remaining pups need at least two more weeks with Momma so for now we're going to board them unless we have a foster step forward that is willing to take the family until weaned.  Please consider giving fostering a try, it's a very rewarding and enjoyable experience and it'd be wonderful to get this family into a foster home so they could get even more love and attention!  So let us know if you'd be willing to take in this family, or else once the pups are weaned we need someone to foster Momma and others to foster a puppy (or two, three, etc). 

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